When it comes to outdoor living swimming pool and spas become a perfect match with an outdoor living room. We work exclusively with the pool and spa experts from Pool Designs, who have over 30 years experience in the swimming pool industry.  Whether you want a simple rectangular pool or a lagoon shape with all

Outdoor Kitchens

Most people have a grill of some kind and according to researchers most Americans regularly use their grills.  Sure a grill is nice but we all know the hassle of going back and forth from the kitchen indoors to the grill outdoors – why not simplify?  Grills are a thing of the past and Outdoor


A Spa is a year-round vacation spot to share with family and friends. Your spa is ever-ready and always the most comfortable seat in the house. In cold temperatures or the heat of summer, a Shoreline Spa is the perfect environment for your leisure time. That is why we at Pool Designs offer spas from


Rumi, is the most popular Sufi poet in the world. His work is not only deep and intense, but also very ethereal. His poetry often stirs an emotion never touched and shows a facet never seen. This Buzzle article has a collection of some beautiful Rumi quotes that are worth reading, without which, life would